Budmaster II GOD-2


LED Grow Lamps
Over the past few years, we have tested most commercially available LED lamps on the market, but none could meet our exacting requirements. We intended to deliver a product to our customers that is fully functional, value for money and safe to use.

Now that moment has finally arrived
With the Budmaster GOD series, we found a LED lamp that really convinces us. In our tests, using the GOD-6 (270W), for example, we were able to achieve a higher yield on a 1m² area than with a 400W HPS system. The Budmaster thus beats a dozen other tested LED lamps in the categories yield per Watt and yield per square metre.

For this reason, it gives us great pleasure to present to you today the BUD-Master GOD series:

  • Osram SSL80 horticultural LEDs with 200 – 300% more output than traditional 3W LEDs
  • Over 100,000 hours lifespan
  • Low starting voltage
  • Exact horticultural wavelengths guaranteed
  • Minimum loss of energy
  • Flexible thanks to replaceable LED clusters
  • Precision optics for a higher light cover
  • Less than 1% output drop per year
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Manufactured in UK, with German LEDs

LED clusters are modular and replaceable, can be interchanged with other models progressively and avoid complete failure in the event of a fault. Each cluster comes with an own separate heat sink and fan so that each cluster can run independently. Should a fault arise, only the faulty cluster fails, while the rest continue to operate.

LED’s:  0 x Osram SSL80 Horticultural Family
Coverage:  40 x 80cm
Energy Used:  90w
Input Voltage:  100 – 240v
Frequency:  50 – 60 hz
Current:  600ma
Voltage:  70v
Amps:  0.36 Amps
Dimensions:  19 x 31 x 8cm

4,295.00 DKK

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